Tuesday, May 26, 2020

52 With a View gets updated

May 26, 2020

Dear Hikers,
In 1991 a group of dedicated Over the Hills Hikers formulated a list of some of the most rewarding view hikes in New Hampshire on peaks with elevations below 4,000 feet. When combined with the forty-eight 4000-footers, this list represented what the OTHH’s considered the best 100 hikes in our mountains.  Thus the “52 With a View” list was born.
As trees grew and views changed, the list was revisited every ten years or so.  In 2001 Carr was replaced by Black in Jackson.  In 2010 Mt. Wolf was “retired” in favor of Mt. Roberts.
Currently, several additional peaks have lost their views.  A small group of OTHH volunteers reviewed feedback from our own group, from the very active 52WAV Facebook community, and solicited input from experts Ken MacGray, author of the new 52 With A View Guidebook, and Steven Smith of Mountain Wanderer Books in Lincoln. Below we list the five peaks we will “retire” from the list and the five that will take their place.
Selection process:
The “rules” we applied are not stringent but did help us narrow our focus.  Peaks needed to be:

1.     in New Hampshire
2.     have an elevation close to a minimum of 2,500 feet
3.     have an interesting hike and,
4.     of course, have a view!

To be retired:  1.    Black Mountain in Jackson
2.    Iron Mountain
3.     Square Ledge
4.     Hibbard
5.     West Royce

To add:            1.   Morgan (2,220 feet. Squam Range. Can be done in a loop with Percival)
2.     Percival (2,212 feet. Squam Range. Can be done in a loop with Morgan)
3.     Pine Mountain (2,404 feet. Recommend accessing via trail from Gorham)
4.     Roger's Ledge (2,965 feet. Kilkenny Ridge Trail)
5.     Table Mountain (2,610 feet. Attitash Trail)

Combined/added:  We will also combine North Doublehead & South Doublehead.  North Doublehead has lost a lot of its view, but by combining it with South we can leave it on the list and add something new.  So, this will be listed like Welch-Dickey, as a loop.

How Do I Track Now?
“What if I am part way through my list and have done some or all of the “retired” hikes? Do I now have to add five new ones and end up with 57?”, you may ask.
The answer is no! Just keep going until you hit 52 in any combination of prior and new peaks.
·      If you have already done all the ones we are retiring, congratulations!  When you finish the rest submit your list like that and we will send you a patch.
·      If you haven’t done any of the peaks we are retiring, skip them and add the new ones.
·      If you have completed some of the five “retirees” but not all, skip the ones you haven’t done yet and pick out the same number of new ones to replace them - your choice!
Our Thanks:
Thank you to everyone who made suggestions of peaks to retire and peaks to add. 
Special thanks to Ken MacGray and Steven Smith.
And extra special thanks to our task force volunteers:
Susan Allen
Pam Alexander
Deb Guyer
David Kiley and Moose
Tracy Ripkey
Doug Wright


Please let me know if you have any other questions.  I can be reached at 503-577-5448 or via email at catherinecrooker@gmail.com.

Happy Hiking!

Cathy Crooker
For the Over the Hill Hikers
Sandwich, NH

Special Note for Summer 2020:
We know it is exciting to see some new hikes on the 52WAV list. And while we are happy to share this update with you, during the continuing COVID crisis we ask that you continue to heed all local, state and federal guidelines to keep yourselves and others safe.  We encourage you to continue to hike close to home and practice appropriate social distancing both on the trails and on your way to-and-from.


  1. Can we do the 52 with a view for our patch during this time?

  2. Yes, you may. But please abide by all local, state and federal guidelines. We ask everyone to please practice appropriate social distancing, including sticking to hikes closer to home until stay-at-home orders in NH are lifted.

  3. Is there an updated printable checklist to send in for the patch?

    1. I just updated the blog, check it out in the right hand corner.

  4. So we are left with the Baldfaces for 52. Can those be replaced by 2 of the new ones if we can't get there?

    1. Because both North and South Baldface is on the old and new list, they need to be done in order to get a patch.