Monday, October 10, 2016

A tradition of marching in the Sandwich Fair continues

Rain did not stop the Over the Hill Hikers in the Sandwich Fair Parade.  Proudly marching with our Blue Ribbon attached to our sign (carried by Bert Hansen and Bill Glenday)  were: Anne Knight, Joan Vicinus,  Susan Allen,  Granthia Preston, Buzz, Ruth Stuart, Dick Stuart, Kathy Thorndike, Tracy Ripkey, Shirley Stanek, Barbara Brash, Jane Harrington, Barbara Hawkins, Sue Merrifield, Ann Speers (in wheelchair pushed by Sam Glenday), and Sue Speers.  I hope I did not miss mentioning anyone, but in any case we had a wonderful time!  A tradition continues on.

Thanks to all marchers, dampened and triumphant!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

52 with a, where's the view?

7 hikers from B Group hiked Square Ledge, a 52 with a view,  that may have lost it.

It was a beautiful fall day off the Kanc... as we hiked a lovely trail leading up to Square Ledge.  The trail was excellent, but the views are minimum.  Perhaps the tree growth has taken away what once was.  But, our group had an excellent hike, and the ledge is VERY impressive!  We've never seen anything quite like it... it's that good!

Left to right: Ginger, Cheryl, Kathy, Tracy, Shirl, and Glen.  (photo taken by Sue)

Square Ledge, it's huge.  An impressive formation.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lonesome Lake

Barbara Hawkins & Jane Harrington scoping out a potential hike for Turtles Group to enjoy in the future.  

Sept 20th, Turtles hike Sawyer Pond

A fabulous turnout of Turtles to hike Sawyer Pond.

Participants were: (not in order) Jane Harrington, Barbara Brash, Sue Speers, Sally Bartlett , Bev Nelson, Susan Merrifield, Brenda O 'Brien, and me ( photographer) Barbara Hawkins.  

Saturday, September 17, 2016

B group hikes Flat Mountain Pond

What a gem!  A local hike, in Sandwich, with little elevation gain (approximately 1300'), varied terrain, a spectacular pond with camping, beautiful sites for a tent, a composting toilet, fire rings, AND amazing views!  What more could you ask for?  Especially on the day Shirl and I had the other Friday, it was a perfect September day.  Which by the way, I would not want to do this hike in the Spring.  We had 20 (or so) river / creek crossings, that in higher water could be impassable.  This year however, not a problem due to the drought.  I give this hike a 10, actually 10.8 miles and that is with a spotted car.  But with all seriousness, two thumbs up!

are these edible?  wish I knew.  :)

old railroad ties

composting toilet!  

B group schedule for remaining 2016 season

Here is a recap of the B group hikes for the remainder of the season.  

If you plan to hike a scheduled hike, please contact the hike leader to RSVP.  Carpooling times and meeting locations will be planned by the hike leader.  Any weather cancellations are at the discretion of the hike leader.

Friday, Sept 23rd          East Pond loop                          Shirley Stanek 203-644-7770
Friday, Sept 30th          Square Ledge                         TBD
Friday, Oct 7th              FAIR WEEKEND!!
Friday, Oct 14th           Sandwich Dome & Jennings Peak    Ginger Ishkanian 207-577-0966
Friday, Oct 21st           Osceola                                   Kathy Thorndike 603-707-7598

TUESDAY, Oct 25th     Group Picnic                            More to follow

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A group hikes, WILDCAT