Friday, January 13, 2017

Snow Day at Castle in the Clouds- with a great crowd!

Getting ready to hit the windy trails!

Dick's foot found "BIG FOOT", but there were no other sightings.  

The happy conga line up Oak Ridge Trail...

Photo taken by Susan, 14 other hikers in order from left to right back row: Carl, Milan, Debbie, Susan, Jane, Barbara, Linda, Shirley, Ruth, Cynthia, Chip, Dick, Tracy, and up front is our lovely Sue.  
The lookout over Winnipesauke was wonderful. but windy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2017 Snow shoe and cross country ski schedule

Hi folks....
After much shifting and shuffling, I think we finally have our 2017 snow shoe and cross country ski schedule as follows below.  I have included telephone #'s.  It is your responsibility to check in with weekly hosts either by phone or email (which I intentionally did not include on the blog site but you c/should have received it electronically), to find out what their plan is for the morning (time/place), and to let them know you will be joining the group.  If you wish to co-host please let me know so that I can post your name and make a match.  Let's hope we have wonderful snow conditions this winter and ..........
Happy Holidays, Happy New Year....EVERYONE!
January 6-     Ruth and Dick Stuart  603-253-9964
January 13-   Milan and Carl McNall  603-284-7400
January 20-   Elaine Vazzana and Shirley Stanek  603-253-6319
January 27-   Helen and Gerry Gingras  603-284-9230
February 3-   Peggy and Mark Longley  603-284-6294
February 10- Jean and Dick Knox  603-284-6145
February 17- Cynthia Birr and Chip Barnaby  603-253 4593
February 24- Ann and George Hackl  603-569-3930
March 3-        Tracy Ripkey and Laurie Norman 603-284-6213
March 10-      Nan and Pat Russell  603-284-6328
March 17-      Sue Speers and Jean Knox  603-284-7770
March 24-      Jane Harrington and Diana Levy  603-253-6999

Point of contact for email distribution list is Carl & Milan McNall at: or via phone at 603-284-7400

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hale, to the four of us!

Four of us went up Hale Tuesday (11/1), via Hale Brook Trail, down 
Lend-A-Hand Trail perhaps a mile, then into the woods, bushwhacking our way 
up South Hale (aka "Zeale"; elev 3700 ft). Then back out and down to the AMC 
Zealand Hut, and out to the truck. Nice day up on Hale; no wind, full sun, 
temp around 40. Hiking up over increasing amount of snow on the ground; 
several inches still there on top.

Going up East Osceola

Here are Sandy and Frank, crossing a snow-covered slide area.  Photo taken by Dick.  I have to say, I'm impressed!  What a beautiful shot.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Our 2016 end of year hike(s) and picnic

What a great gathering at Helen & Gerry Gingras' home.   A huge thank you to them for hosting!

We celebrate the end of a great hiking season, and the beginning of planning our winter snow shoeing and x-country skiing.  If you are interested in hosting or co-hosting an outing, please contact Milan McNall at: to sign up.  First winter gathering starts after the new year, and follows for a total of 13 weeks on Fridays.

Today, we had a combined OTHH turnout of 23 hikers, ranging in all abilities.  The Turtles did a nice walk around Beade Falls, while B group enjoyed the Bear Camp River Trail, and the A group traversed Mt. Israel in snow and sleet.  A perfect finale.

A group at the summit of Mt. Israel.  Yes, snow!!  (and sleet!)

Leslie, Deb, Barbara and Cynthia

John, Dick, Peter, Anne, Noel, Claude and Frank.  

this is funny... Shirl, Cheryl, Sue, and Sue!  We couldn't have planned that better!  

Gerry and Joan, and her sister Anne with the great smile!  :)

Great shot!!
Bert, Anne, Noel, John and Deb

Sandwich Dome, almost a 4k footer.

Sara, Kathy and Tracy (with Winter and ?... oops, I forgot the other dog's name...sorry pooch. ) 
A few of B group hikers (and two dog companions) hiked Sandwich Dome the other week.  We enjoyed the loop, going counter clockwise, hitting Noon Peak, Jennings Peak. and Sandwich Dome (Mountain).  The temps were cold at the summit as we crunched on ice along the way, and had some 30 degree temps and a breeze.  The lunch break was just for the quick bite to eat, and then we wanted to keep moving.  It was a bit over 9 miles, but a very nice hike.

Monday, October 10, 2016

A tradition of marching in the Sandwich Fair continues

Rain did not stop the Over the Hill Hikers in the Sandwich Fair Parade.  Proudly marching with our Blue Ribbon attached to our sign (carried by Bert Hansen and Bill Glenday)  were: Anne Knight, Joan Vicinus,  Susan Allen,  Granthia Preston, Buzz, Ruth Stuart, Dick Stuart, Kathy Thorndike, Tracy Ripkey, Shirley Stanek, Barbara Brash, Jane Harrington, Barbara Hawkins, Sue Merrifield, Ann Speers (in wheelchair pushed by Sam Glenday), and Sue Speers.  I hope I did not miss mentioning anyone, but in any case we had a wonderful time!  A tradition continues on.

Thanks to all marchers, dampened and triumphant!