Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hiking the Belknap's Straightback Mt. and Mt. Major

Today the A group had a fantastic hike in the Belknap's.  It was one of those days when the weather was perfect, the view was amazing, and the time with fellow hikers even better.

The summit of No. Peak Straightback

From left: Dick, Bert, Tracy, Peter, Deb, Noel, and Sharon,
while at the summit of Mt. Major.

The view of Lake Winnipesaukee is beautiful.  
Today we could even see a snow covered Mt. Washington from here.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 Over the Hill Hikers Turtle schedule

Dear Turtles and Friends: 

In order to join one of the below hikes, please TELEPHONE the leader listed. They will tell you the meeting time and location, any special equipment needed, and answer any questions, re: conditions expected, etc.

Happy Hiking!  Sue Speers, Turtle Matriarch.  

Please note: **Hiking schedule subject to change.  

May 17  -  Waukewan Highlands  -  Barbara Brash – 476-5146 (603-318-8731)

May 24  -   Oak Hill  -  Sue Speers  284-7770 - 387-6778 (cell)

May 31  -  Kimball Forest  - Jane Harrington – 253-6999 (617-823-6672 – cell)

June 7   -  NO HIKE  (Bearcamp Valley Garden Club Luncheon)
                   Intervale/Kusumpe Loop  -  Sue Speers 387-6778 (cell)

June 14 -  West & East Rattlesnakes  -  Barbara Brash – 476-5146

June 21  -  North Sugar Loaf  -  Sue Speers  284-7770 - 387-6778 (cell)

June 28  -  Bald Knob  -  Jane Harrington – 253-6999 (617-823-6672 – cell)

July 5    -   Mt. Pemigewassett – Sue Speers 284-7770 - 387-6778 (cell)

July 12  -  Mt. Belknap  -  Barbara Brash – 476-5146 (603-318-8731 cell)

July 19  -  Black Cap  -  Ann Speers  - 284-6519

July 26  -  Mt. Kearsarge South – Jane Harrington 253-6999 (917-823-6672)

August 2  -  Mt. Willard  -  Barbara Brash – 476-5146 (603-318-8731 cell)

August 9  -  NO HIKE – White Elephant Sale

August 16  -  Sawyer Pond – Ann Speers  284-6519

August 13  -  Mt. Katharine -  Cindy  King  603-707-6244

August 30  -  Blue Job – Ann Speers  - 284-6519

September 6 -  NO HIKE – Book/Author Lunch (Friends of Moultonboro Library)

September 13 – Mt. Fayal  - Barbara Hawkins  - 609-998-7743

September 20  -  Mt. Hedgehog – Sue Speers 387-6778

September 27  -  Greeley Ponds -  Barbara Hawkins 609-998-7743

October 4  -  Mt. Cardigan  -  Sue Reepmeyer – 248-941-2068 (cell)

October 11 – Mt. Doublehead – Chip Barnaby & Cynthia Birr  253-4593

October 18  -  Zealand Hut  - Jane Harrington 253-6999 (617-823-6672)

October 25  -  Joint Hike on Bearcamp Trail with A’s, B’s and Turtles.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Preparing for hiking season

Time to refresh those first aid kits, fill out your Emergency Contact sheet, and double check your hiking essential 10.

In addition, New Hampshire now has the option to purchase Hike Safe insurance.  Here are some valuable links, as well as a link to an Emergency Contact sheet.  It is recommended to always carry these items in your hiking backpack.  These tips could save your life in the case of an unfortunate situation.

Build a first Aid kit

Essential 10 hiking checklist

Hike Safe
**a cheaper way for those over 68 is to get a permanent fishing license from the state, which gives the same rescue cost protection as the Hike Safe card. There is a $2 filing fee. The state's website has more information, and a downloadable .pdf form to fill out and send in. 

For questions, you can always call the the Fish and Game licensing office at, (603) 271-3422, or visit their Concord office.

Emergency Contact

2016 Over The Hill Hikers B group schedule

Please contact the hike leader to confirm meeting location and time, carpooling, etc.  Hiking schedule is always subject to change.

To be added to the email distribution for the B group, please contact TracyRipkey@gmail.com

May 24th,   Mt. Roberts,  Gerry Gingras at 603-284-9230

May 31st,  Red Hill to the fire tower,  Shirley Stanek at 203-644-7770

June 7th,  White Ledge Loop, Tracy Ripkey at 860-303-8138

June 14th, Morgan-Percival Loop, Dick & Ruth Stuart at 603-253-9964

June 21st, Welch-Dickey,  Ginger Ishkanian at 207-577-0966

June 28th, Big Rock Cave, Kathy Thorndike at 603-707-7598

July 5th, Mt. Shaw, Tracy Ripkey at 860-303-8138

July 12th, Osceola, Ruth & Dick Stuart at 603-253-9964

July 19th, Copermine Trail to Bridal Veil Falls, TBD

July 26th, Blueberry Mtn / Evans Notch, Tracy Ripkey at 860-303-8138

Aug 2nd, Mt. Flume / Liberty, Tracy Ripkey at 860-303-8138

***Second half of season to be planned mid summer.

2016 Over The Hill Hikers A Group Schedule

If you plan to hike a scheduled hike, please coordinate with the Leader to confirm meeting time, carpooling, etc.  Schedule is always subject to change.

Date           Mountain                                 Leader/Phone
MAY   3       Mt. Snow                                Sandy Price 520-0918

MAY   10      Mt. Roberts/Faraway Mt.          Bert Hanson 476-5461

MAY   17      The Belknaps (shortened)           John Buckley 533-8167

MAY   24      Mt. Kearsarge North                Noel Bodwell 707-0982

MAY   31      Mts. Stanton/Langdon/Crippies
                                                               Sandy Price 520-0918

JUNE         7       Mts. Tom/Field/Willey              Anne Knight 969-8743

JUNE         14      Mt. Moriah                              Dick Russell 253-7884

JUNE         21      Mts. Washington/Monroe          Sandy Price 520-0918

JUNE         28      Mt. Cabot                                Dick Russell 253-7884

JULY 5       Mt. Garfield                            Noel Bodwell/Deb Guyer 707-0982/455-                                                                   7089

NEXT PLANNING MEETING:                    JUNE 23rd at 7:00 PM at 29 Bosn Way Moultonborough, NH

Friday, September 11, 2015

Updated OTHH – Turtle (C group) Schedule – 2015

Updated OTHH – Turtle (C group) Schedule – 2015

The Turtles at last are following the lead of our speedier compatriots, giving only the name of the hike, leader’s name and telephone number.  Prospective hikers must call the leader ahead of time to find out the time and meeting place.  This way a leader knows in advance who is planning to come, can arrange transportation, discuss needed equipment, and talk about weather forecasts.  Thank you for complying.  Sue Speers, Turtle Matriarch.

 June 2       Intervale/Kusumpe Loop   Sue Speers – 387-6778(cell)

June 9        Quincy Bog  Jane Harrington 253-6999, 617-823-6672 (cell)

June 16     Mt. Katharine   Sue Speers 387-6778

June 23     Pemi Trail    Sue Speers 387-6778

June 30     W & E Rattlesnakes  Marcia Rauch  491-5364

July 7         Moose Mountain  Jane Harrington  253-6999, 617-823-6672 (cell)

July 14      Bald Knob   Jane Harrington  253-6999, 617-823-6672 (cell)

July 21      Black Cap   Ann Speers 284-6519

July 28      Mount Morgan  Marcia Rauch 491-5364

Aug 4         Mt Major Jane Harrington 253-6999, 617-823-6672 (cell)

Aug 11      Sawyer Pond   Ann Speers 284-6519

Aug 18      Kimball Forest – Ruth MacDougall 284-6451

Aug 25      Elephant Ear & Ammonusooc Lake – Sue Speers 387-6778

Sep 1         Blue Job   Ruth MacDougall  284-6451

Sep 8         Pemi Trail -  Cindy King, leader;  279-7729

Sep 15       Lonesome Lake Sue Reepmeyer 248-941-2068

Sep 22       Mt. Fayal (SLNSC) - Barbara Hawkins - 609-998-7743

Sep 29       Mt. Willard – Jane Harrington 253-6999, 617-823-6672

Oct 6         Mt. Roberts  Sue Bowden 284-7412

Oct 13       Leaders Choice Diana Levy 284-6442 and
      Barb Brash 476 – 5146

Oct 20       Peaked Mt.  Fred Bowden 284-7412

Oct 27       Bear Camp Trail with A & B Groups, also.  Stay tuned

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

OTHH B-Group Hikes for June 2015

Over The Hill Hikers “B” Group - Spring 2015

The “B” Group will be joining the “A” Group hikes for the month of May

2015.  Please refer to the “A” Group list and hike leaders for May hikes.

June 2015 Hikes

June 2    Big Rock Cave Loop Hike   5.2 mi/approx. 4 hours

                 Leader-Kathie Thorndike    707-7598

                  This is a dog’s welcome hike.  Owners must bring a leash to use

                  when the group has lunch and at the direction of the leader.  

June 9    Mt. Shaw   Moderate hike in the Castle in the Clouds                                                      

                Conservation Area.

                 Leaders-Dick and Ruth Stuart   253-9964

June 16   White Ledge Loop Trail   4.4 mi/approx. 3 hours

                   Leader-Kathie Thorndike   707-7598

June 23   Mt. Israel    4.2 mi/approx. 4 hours

                  Leader-Henry Metzger   253-8036

June 30    Mt. Pemigewasset     Moderate hike

                   Leader-Henry Metzger   253-8036

Please call the hike leaders prior to the hike.    Meeting place and time

will be determined by the leaders.

The “B” Group is trying out an occasional “Dog’s Welcome” hike.  The

owner is responsible for the social behavior of their dog and should be

aware of a dog “getting underfoot” which may be a hazard to a hiker.

Also, we have lunch on the trail and we are asking that dogs be on the

leash during lunch.