Wednesday, June 24, 2009

B Hike Kearsarge North 6/23/09

Jim Twaddle reports:

Claire and Bill Smith, Betsy Loughran, Van Adriance, and Jim Twaddle slogged up Kearsarge North in mixed rain conditions on tuesday 6/22. Several other trampers had the same idea???!!! No view until having lunch in the covered tower and clouds lifted for views in all directions. While slippery in spots, it was a good day. Started just before 9am and were out just after 3pm.. All bought strawberries at farm stand at end of West Side Drive.. Plenty of patrol police beware..

Summer 2009 HERE!!

Over the Hill Hikers
Hiking Schedule for Summer 2009

Hi everyone
Following is the list of planned tuesday hikes for Summer and Fall 2009.. Please note the A group leaders would like a phone call prior to the hike to discuss expected weather and trail conditions... B and C groups as well as the Friday Walkers have preset times and places for meeting and carpooling.

July 7:

A Group CARRIGAIN, Claude Cormier..284-7155..redo of rained out hike last month
B Group MOUNT PARKER, Van at the Chapel, 8:00 excellent summit
C Group SAWYER POND, Jocelyn at Chapel, 9:00

July 14:

A Group ADAMS, MADISON,Mary Cullen, 284-7184..moderate to quick pace, long day
B Group EISENHOWER, Bill and Claire Smith, Chapel 7:30.. nice above treeline peak
C Group BLUE JOB, Ruth MacDougal, Library 9:00

July 21

A Group CARTERS, Ann Knight, 279-5019..nice ridge walk after long steady climb
B Group BELKNAP RANGE LOOP, Pat Russell, Library 8:00
C Group MOUNT MAJOR, Walter Johnson, Library 8:30

July 28

A Group WASHINGTON, Sandy Price, 520-0918
B and C Group LONESOME LAKE, Jim Twaddle Library 8:00

JULY 31..JULY 31..JULY 31..JULY 31..JULY 31..JULY 31..JULY 31..JULY 31..

Over the Hill Hikers 30th Anniversary Celebration
Starts with a hike to GREAT FALLS, meet Library 9:30
Followed by a catered luncheon at Walter and Donna Johnsons Home
more details to follow but sounds like a great day!! Sharon and Mary looking to empty the bank account on this one!!!

August 4

A Group HANCOCKS, Sandy Price, 520-0918..rained out earlier
B Group CARDIGAN, Bill and Claire Smith Library 8:00.. classic hike
C Group ZEALAND FALLS, Jim Burns, Chapel 8:00

August 11

A Group ISOLATION, Sharon St Onge, 387-8472..everyone's favorite..
No B or C group hike due to Old Home Week

August 18

A Group THE TWINS, Ann Knight, 279-5019
B Group BLUEBERRY, (Evan's Notch) Jim Twaddle, Chapel 8:00 excellent views
C Group BLUEBERRY, (Benton Range) Jocelyn Gutchess Library 8:30 excellent 52wav

August 25

A Group TOM FIELD WILLEY, Mary Cullen, 284-7184, moderate to quick pace, long day
B Group HAYES, Van Adriance, Chapel 7:30..long climb but a great view
C Group WILLARD, Ann Speers, Chapel 8:00

September 1

A Group Call Bert Hansen...476-5461 for a leader's choice hike..
B Group RAGGED MOUNTAIN, Pat Russell Library 7:30
C Group BALD KNOB Jim Burns Library 9:00..

September 8

A Group TRIPYRAMIDS, Helen Gingras..284-9230
B Group CHOCORUA, Jim Twaddle.. meet at Twaddles 8:30
C Group HOLTS LEDGE, Walter Johnson, Library 8:30

September 15

A Group JEFFERSON, Sharon St Onge, 228-5284
B Group LAFAYETTE, Bill and Claire Smith 284-7747
C Group FALLING WATERS TRAIL, Jocelyn Gutchess Library 8:30

September 22

A Group WHITEFACE/PASSACONWAY, Sharon St Onge 228-5284
B Group SENTINEL AND FLAGG, Gerry Gingras, Library 8:00..excellent peaks
C Group RED HILL, Walter Johnson, Library 9:00

September 29

A Group KINSMANS, Mark Tuckerman,
B Group SUGARLOAFS, Van Adriance Chapel 8:00
C Group SUGARLOAFS, Walter Johnson..Chapel 8:00

October 6

A Group ZEALAND, Sharon St Onge, 228-5284
B Group MOUNT ROBERTS, Judy Ryerson Library 8:00 could be 52WAV..excellent hike
C Group MOUNT ROBERTS, Nan Russell..Library 8:00


October 13

A Group WILDCATS, Helen Gingras, 284-9230
B Group SOUTH MOAT, Billand Claire Smith Chapel 8:00
C Group MOUNT MORGAN, Jocelyn Gutchess 9:00 Library

October 20
A Group CRAWFORD RIDGEPOLE, Van Adriance, Library 7;30
B Group MORGAN PERCIVAL, Jim Twaddle Library 8:30
C Group PEMI TRAIL, Sue Speers, Library 9:00

Thursday December 3, 2009, Winter Planning Meeting, Noon at the Benz Center

General Notes and Information

A Group.mostly quick to fast pace up and down to the NH 4k's..did you smell something?
B Group..moderate pace..more time to smell the roses..a great place to start with the group
C Group..slow to moderate pace..stop look smell admire the roses

Leader's of "A" Group hikes to the 4k's kindly ask that you call or email a day or 2 before the hike to discuss expected conditions and necessary in the Whites can be tricky

Leader's duties:
Make decision "to go" or "not go", or "turn around" if the activity is underway.. Keep the group together and monitor the condition of the group. Pick up the first aid kit at Mocha Rizing or Aubuchon Hardware. Locate an alternate leader if unabble to keep commitment. Be aware of expected hazards on the trails and weather conditions. Wait at all trail junctions to insure that everyone is on the same path. Designate a sweep or co-leader.

Hiker Responsibilities:
Follow the leader's direction. Stay with the group. Weather changes rapidly in the White is imperative that everyone have adequate weather protection, food, and water should conditions change. We are a hiking group and therefore we should hike as a group. TRY to match up with the group, A, B, or C that best suits your ability. A good rule of safety is that if one member of the group has a problem then the whole group turns back..the mountains will always be there. It is encourages that all participants take the initiative to drive for the group and it is expected that you take a turn leading a hike..try is fun..


Like every year we have to collect money to pay for supplies, maintain first aid kits, party gifts, awards, etc.. So we are once again asking for the incredible sum of $5.00 per year per hiker per year. Please make out checks to Mary Cullen and send to her at Box 312 Center Sandwich, NH 03227

In an effort to minimize expensive mailings I will send out schedule updates via email and on our blogspot:
This updated blog is working out excellent..I encourage your pictures and reports from the various hikes and walks..send to and I will post them to the world.. I would encourage all trip leaders to email a report and photos..nice to see who is out there hiking. Lists of the 4000 footer rounds, 52With a View, and lists of those who have completed their rounds are available. Keep Pat or myself up to date.

Meeting Places:
Library.. is the Wentworth Library in Sandwich next to the tennis court and fairgrounds the Meeting house on Route 25 East opposire Vittum Hill Road..A note on the " Chapel"..The East Sandwich Meetinghouse will hold its annual service/hymn sing on Sunday July 26 at 3:00 pm. Good cookies, punch, and conversation to follow. New members are always welcome (annual dues are $5.00 per family). Dues help pay for the maintenance of the meetinghouse and surrounding parking. For more information call Susan Bryant Kimball, Treasurer, 172 Tatorboro Road, Sandwich NH 03227, 603-284-6506

Ashland Burger King.. off exit 24 in Ashland..back parking lot

and changes or updates, trip reports and photos please send to
thanks Mark 3870957

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Passing by what appears to be Dead Man's Pass

Interesting angle on trail sign..Feels like you are out west heading towards Dead man's Pass

Silverfox gets above treeline

This had to feel pretty mark gets back above treeline on a glorious day on the Crawford path

Munroe and Washington to the north

Just a fantastic view from Eisenhower looking north towards Munroe and Washington

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the peak above the nubble

maybe a goal for tomorrow

claude comes across the summit

quite the cloud layer

impressive clouds with blue sky above

the hut on the other side of Galehead

Galehead Hut pokes through under the cloud cover

blowing clouds

blowing clouds
Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman
Clouds and fog..and a few snow flurries blowing by the summit cone of Garfield

views to the north

views to the north
Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman
Nice views over Twin Mountain area

a little ice on garfield Ridge Trail

Easily avoided ice on the garfield Ridge Trail

Karen Claude and Sandy

Karen Claude and Sandy..or is that Curley Larry and Moe alonf a flat stretch

brook crossings a breeze

Mary, Ginette, and Karen on the lower crossing on Garfield Trail