Saturday, June 25, 2016

OTHH A-Group Hikes for 2016 Summer/Fall

The “A” group of OTHH hikers met on June 23rd to plan out their hikes for the remainder of the season. 

B hikers who would like to do one, or several of the “A” hikes should call the hike leader to RSVP.  You can then find out the meeting place, time and what trail the leader will be taking, as well as anything else you might need to know, or the leader might need to know about you.          
The A-group leaders keep hikers abreast via phone call or email prior to the hike to discuss expected conditions, potential car spots, gear list, and so forth.

Meeting Places:
ñ The Library is the Wentworth Library on Route 109 in Center Sandwich. Please park opposite the tennis courts
ñ The Chapel is the Meeting House on Route 25 opposite Vittum Hill Road.
ñ The Burger King is the Ashland Burger King, off exit 24, in the back lot.
ñ The Holderness Police/Fire Station is at 922 Route 3, Holderness.

Date           Mountain                      Leader / Phone
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
July   05     Garfield                       Noel Bodwell/Deb Guyer 707-0982/455-7089
July   12     Tom, Field and Willey   Anne Knight 969-8743         
July   19     Twins and Galehead    Ellen Garneau 455-8210
July   26     Owl’s Head                  Dick Russell 253-7884
Aug.  02     Washington/Monroe    Karen Maineri 744-5644
Aug.  09     Adams                        Ellen G. /Noel Bodwell 455-8210/707-0982
Aug.  16     Tripyramids                  Noel Bodwell/Deb Guyer 707-0982/455-7089
Aug.  23     Lincoln/Lafeyette Tracy Ripkey (860)303-8138/Dick Russell 253-7884
Aug.  30     Flume/Liberty               John Buckley 253 4025
Sept. 06     Baldface                       Deb Guyer 455-7089
Sept. 13     Wildcats                       Bert Hanson 476-5461
Sept. 20     Kinsman’s                    John Buckley 253-4025
Sept. 27     Chocorua                     John Buckley 253-4025
Oct.   04     Cabot                          Karen Maineri 744-5644
Oct.   11     Moosilauke                   Sandy Price 520-0918
Oct.   18     Passaconaway              Dick Russell 253-7884
Oct.   25     OTHH SOCIAL               TBD- more to follow.

Happy trails!!!  Hope to meet many of you for the second half of our hiking season.                     

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The view from Mt Pemigewasset

Here are the Turtles atop Mt Pemigewasset on Tuesday, June 21st.   Mount Pemigewasset Trail (Indian Head) is a 3.3 mile out and back trail located near Lincoln, NH 

Left to Right are:  Sally Bartlett, Sue Speers, Barbara Hawkins, Jane Harrington, Carl Sheffer, Susan Merrifield

East Pond Hike

Here are a couple of pics of the recent hike the A group did from the Kancamagus Hwy
over to East Pond, taking in also the loop to little East Pond, and finally 
out to the Tripoli Road. The pics are from a few feet up from the water on 
the north side, showing a nice blue-green color of the water through the 

this is from pond level at the western end, looking eastward over 
the pond with the minor peaks in the background; we had come over the ridge 
connecting those two bumps.  Photos courtesy of Dick Russell.  Thank you, Dick!  Looks like a great hike.

Welch Dickey, a fantastic hike on June 21st

 Nine of us had a lovely hike on the 4.4 mile Welch Dicky Loop trail. Those who came were Ginger (leader for hike), Tracy, Betsy, Shirley, Ann, Michael (the photographer), Glen, Tom, PJ, and her very well behaved dog Sadie. 

The weather was perfect for hiking, a slight breeze, temps in the low to mid 70s, and an occasional cloud which kept us from feeling too hot. We hiked up turning right just about 15 yards from the parking lot which allowed us to transverse many of the steeper sections going up rather than down the 4.4 mile loop.  It was a fantastic day, and as one of the 52 with a view, it does not disappoint.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Turtles hike Rattlesnake

The Turtles went to East and West Rattlesnake today!  What a beautiful day.   Sue Speers, Cheryl Ulm, Jane Harrington, Barbara Hawkins and Barbara Brash (not shown, she's the photographer).

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mt. Morgan & Percival

Ladders, cliffs, a view and great weather.


After several cool, fall like days, we actually hit 70, and had the sun.  It was still a little cool at times, but what a fantastic hike 7 of us from the B group did today.  It was challenging, and rewarding.   The 15 Camp Hale counselors we saw at each summit were full of life as they start their summer here at Squam.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weather, the hard part of being the hiking leader

I've been obsessing about the weather the past couple of days.  Checking three different sources, what seemed hourly, and even consulting a friend and fellow hiker who works the Red Hill fire tower.  This is the part of being the trail leader that we all hate... Deciding  whether or not to go, cancel, and/or reschedule.

I finally made the decision after seeing that there was a significant risk of lightning, and one forecast even said hail!  The hike we had scheduled is the White Ledge loop, and has plenty of open ledges.  That was it, I'll cancel.  I called everyone, I had 8 people signed up.  We were all disappointed, especially when you're calling on what is a beautiful day.

Then you worry, did I make the right decision, would it had been okay?  Augh!

The reassurance came this morning when it's pouring out.  Now, if we can have a little thunder and lightning, I'll feel really good!

Enjoy the wet day... And hopefully next week we won't have this delimia.