Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Turtles hike Mt. Belknap, 8/15/2017

Oh there were Blueberries, and more blueberries, and even MORE BLUEBERRIES!  

Turtles enjoyed a wonderful hike up the White Trail to the firetower atop Belknap Mountain.  A great hike with beautiful vistas along the way.  And did I mention BLUEBERRIES? 

Selfie of the days hikers.  Photo taken by none other than Dick.  :)  Cheese!

A traditional ice cream stop after completing the hike.

Ruth & Dick Stuart

A group hikes Canon, 8/9/2017

A group heads up Canon Mountain.  It looks pretty intimidating as you drive up to it, but it truly is a wonderful hike.

Yes, this is the trail.  A bit of a ladder.  Don't look down!

We were over there the week prior.  Liberty mountain on the far right.  

John, Deb, Tracy, Pete, and Bert enjoying the day.

You mean we could have taken the Gondola up to the top?  ha ha!  

Lonesome Lake

An AMC hut worker carrying up the dinner for the night's guests.  We heard it's pulled pork.  Yum!

Turtles hike Mt. Roberts, 8/8/2017

oops, sorry Katherine, we caught you with your eyes closed, but Ricky has such a great smile, we couldn't resist!

Lovely photo of Betsy & Ricky at the summit of Mt. Roberts

Friday, August 4, 2017

Black Mountain Pond & NHPR!!

On Aug 3, 2017, a large group of Over the Hill Hikers gathered along the Sandwich Notch Rd to hike to Black Mountain Pond.  It was a special reunion of hikers, who enjoyed an easier trail on a hot and humid day.   We were joined by NHPR's Virgina Prescott who interviewed many of the hikers along the way for an upcoming story she is working on.

The group included a few additional hikers that turned around at some point during the 8 mile round trip hike.  Those present from L to R are: Dick, Peter, Jane, Deb, Tracy, Nancy (in back), Shirley, PJ, Peggy, Mark, and Jean, as we all posed following a lunch break at Black Mt. Pond.  Photo taken by Susan.  

Henry & Virginia

are these edible?  :)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A group hikes Flume & Liberty, 8/1/2017

A challenging last mile up to the summit of Flume via the Flume Slide Trail led to Tracy's #8 of the 4,000 footers.   What a fantastic view at the top of Liberty.  A tiring 10.2 mile loop, left us all feeling good about the day.

Bert, John and Tracy

Turtles hike Locke's Hill in Gilford 8/1/2017

The Turtles enjoyed a nice, short hike this morning at Locke's Hill in Gilford. 
Hikers included Barbara, Betsy, John, Ricky and Cheryl (photographer).

B group, Mt. Shaw, 7/20/2017

A Hot and Humid 8+ mile hike enjoyed by all, including IZZY the dog.
Tracy, Diter, Birgit, Jane, Bert, Jean, Izzy, and Deb

Jane and Izzy enjoying lunch at the summit.  Ah... shade!

Shirley, Tracy and Deb 

What a view!