Thursday, June 24, 2010

Over The Hill Hikers Summer 2010 Hiking Schedule

Following is the current list of Summer 2010 hikes for the Over The Hill Hikers

A couple of notes
Meeting Places: The "A" group leaders request a phone call or email to determine route, meeting spots, and weather mandated equipment

The "Library" is the Wentworth Library next to the tennis courts in Sandwich NH. Please park opposite the tennis courts

The "Chapel" is the Meeting House on Route 25 opposite Vittum Hill Road

The "Burger King" is the Ashland Burger King, exit 24, back parking lot

June 29..please note that the "B" hike as been changed to Flat Mountain Pond.. Library 9:00

A Group Mount Munroe, Frank Siraco 253-4202
B Group Kearsarge North, Bill and Claire Smith 8:30 Chapel
Turtles Greeley Ponds, Walter Johnson 9:00 Library

July 13
A Group Waumbek, Mary Cullen 284-7184
B Group Mount Crawford, Bill and Claire Smith, 8:30 Chapel
Turtles Fox State Park, Ruth MacDougal 8:30 Library

July 20
A Group Mount Adams, Abbas Farazdel, 707-6377
B Group Copple Crown, Fred and Sue Bowden, 284-7412 8:30 Library
Turtles Zealand Hut, Jim Burns, 9:00 library

July 27
A group Lincoln, Lafayette, Claude Cormier, 284-7155
A Group Hike.. Tripyramids, Lesley Woodsum..939-2052,
B Group Stinson Mountain , Bill and Claire Smith 8:30 Library
Turtles Weeks Forest, Gilford, Sue Speers, 830 Library

Aug 3
A group Jackson, Frank Siraco, 253-4202
B Group Lake Solitude and Mount Sunapee, Pat Russell 8:00 Library
Turtles Kimball Wildlife Forest, Ruth MacDougal, 9:00 Library

Aug 10
A Group Mount Moriah, Bert hansen, 476-5461
B Group Leaders Choice, Gerry Gingras, 284-9230 9:00 Library
Turtles No hike..Old Home Week

Aug 17
A Group Bonds Zealand, Anne Knight 279-5019, 969-8743
B Group Mount Pleasant, Maine Fred and sue Bowden, 284 7412 8:00 Chapel
Turtles Oak Hill, Sue Speers, 9:00 Library

Aug 24
A Group Mount Garfield, Anne Knight 279-5019, 969-8743
B Group Nancy Ponds, Jim Twaddle 8:00 Chapel
Turtles Pine Mountain, Walter Johnson 8:30 Chapel

Aug 31
A Group Owls Head, Sharon St Onge, 387-8472
B Group Osceola, Bill and Claire Smith 8:00 Library
Turtles Boulder Loop, Cynthia King, Chapel 8:30

Sept 7
A Group Hancocks, Ellen Garneau, 279-8910
B Group Jenning Peak, Anne Knight 8:00 Library 279-5019, 969-8743
Turtles Mount Willard, Sue Speers, 8:30 Chapel

Sept 14
A Group Mount Jackson, Noel Bodwell, 707-0982
B Group Belknaps, Sue and Fred Bowden, 284-7412 8:00 Library
Turtles Leaders Choice Library 9:00

Sept 21
A Group Cannon, Abbas Farazdel, 707-6377
B Group Arethusa Falls, Pat Russell 8:30 Chapel
Turtles Allen's Ledge, Jim Burns, 8:30 Chapel

Sept 28
A Group Jefferson, Claude Cormier, 284-7155
B Group Welch/Dickey, Bill and Claire smith, 8:00 Library
Turtles Mount Roberts Ledges, Jim Burns, 9:00 library

Oct 5
A Group Eisenhower, John Buckley, 253-4025
B Group 3 Ponds, Pat Russell, 8:30 Library
Turtles Sawyer Pond, Ann Speers, 8:30 Chapel

October 10..come join in the Sandwich Fair Parade!!! Meet at 12:00 , corner of 113 and Church

Oct 12
A Group Mount hale, Lisa Wardlaw, 253-8251
B Group South Moat, Bill and Claire Smith, 8:30 Chapel
Turtles Leaders Choice, Nan Russell 9:00 Library

Oct 19
A group Flume/Liberty Helen Gingras, 284-7184
B Group Leaders Choice, Jim Twaddle, 9:00 Library
Turtles Kearsarge South, Sue Speers 8:00 Library

October 26 Picnic with details to ba announced

12/9 Winter Planning Meeting, Benz Center, 12:00..bring your lunch

the business end of it..

Leader's Duties
Make a decision "to go", or "not go", or "turn around" if the activity is
underway. Keep the group together and monitor the condition of the group.
Pick up the " First Aid Kit" from mocha rizing. Locate an alternate leader if unable to keep your commitment...have fun...Be aware of weather conditions so as to advise participants on proper gear. Wait at all trail junctions to insure that the group maintains integrity

Hiker's Duties:
Follow the leader..stay with the group for the duration of the hike. weather changes rapidly in the White is imperative that everyone has adequate weather protection, food, and water should conditions change.. The Over the Hill Hikers is a hiking group and particpants should hike with the group

Like every year we have to collet money to pay for supplies, postage, first aid kits etc. So we are asking the usual $5.00 per hiker or walker per year.. Please make out checks payable to Mary Cullen, Box 312, Center sandwich Nh 03227

E Mail..
In an effort to minimize mailings schedules changes and updates will be sent via email and posted on our blog.. that this is a slightly different address.. Lists of completers of various rounds are available..please keep Pat Russell up to date with this

Trail conditons.
Updated trail conditions are available from which shows recent activity and has links to NOAA and Weather Underground

Happy trails

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Party Party Party and Planning Meeting

On Thursday June 17th a Potluck Party and Planning Meeting will be held at Nan and Pat Russell's on Mt Israel Road. This is not just a planning meeting but a Pot Luck Party for hikers and "Party People" (non-hikers, spouses, etc.)
Bring a dish to share plus your own drinks
Time 5:00
Any questions contact
Sharon Vittum 284-6621