Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Turtles hike Mt. Belknap

First outlook on Mt Belknap
B. Brash, W. Glenday, J. Harrington, S. Merrifield, A. Speers.
S. Speers, photographer

B group hikes Coppermine Trail to Bridal Falls

12 hikers and 5 dogs hiked to Bridal Falls on July 26th, 2016

On the hike up the Coppermine trail the group was looking for the plaque Betty Davis had placed on a rock for Arthur Farnsworth who assisted her down the trail at some point years ago. He was eventually her first husband. We found it, and I  recorded the GPS info for it.  

Coordinates are as follows:
Elevation 1414 Ft
North 44 deg   10 min  30.6 sec
West 071 deg  44 min  20.7 sec
The map datum I used was WGS 84

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Galehead done, and for Anne, her 48 4k footers while over the age of 70!

Today, A group, led by Ellen Garneau, hiked Galehead and posed outside the Galehead Hut when the sun emerged.  
Anne Knight summits Galehead with her daughter and grand-daughter as she finished the 4k footers while over 70 years old.

Over the Hill Hikers summit Galehead with Anne Knight, as she completes her 48 4K footers while over 70 years old.

Blueberry Mountain / Evans Notch

Today, several B group hikers set out to hike Blueberry Mountain / Evans Notch hike.  Our total distance was a little over 4.5 miles, with a spectacular view point from the White Carin Trail on the way to the summit.
view from White Carin Trail
The summit was not a major view point, but we did skip the overlook loop off Blueberry Ridge Trail due to the storm looking a little intimidating.  Once we had a quick snack at the top, we took the Stone House Trail down, making two scenic (and well worth it!) stops at Rattlesnake Pool, and the Gorge; both were impressive.  As the link I provided above suggested, we did make a stop at the Jockey Cap Country store, and I can totally recommend the coconut cream pie without hesitation!  I would say this is an excellent hike, with variety.  There was a good steep / rock scramble, an amazing display of trail work with a series of rock steps, shaded woods, and the pool is worth it alone on a hot summers day.  Two thumbs up!  I see why it is listed as one of AMC's Best Day hikes in the White Mountains.
Rattlesnake Pool

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

B group schedule update

A few representatives of the B group met to complete the 2016 hiking schedule.  We are looking for volunteers to lead hikes, so if you are interested, please email

Also, as a result of the majority poll, we are going to test out Friday hikes.  We waited until after summer traffic and Labor Day to make the change.

If you plan to hike a scheduled hike, please contact the hike leader to RSVP.  Carpooling times and meeting locations will be planned by the hike leader.  Any weather cancellations are at the discretion of the hike leader.

July 19th           Blueberry Mtn / Evans Notch                Tracy Ripkey 860-303-8138
July 26th           Coppermine Trail to Bridal Veil Falls    Ruth & Dick Stuart 603-253-9964
Aug 2nd            Mt. Flume / Liberty                                Tracy Ripkey 860-303-8138
Aug 9th            no hike scheduled (Old Home Week)
Aug 16th          no hike scheduled
Aug 23rd          Lincoln & Lafeyette at B pace (A group is also doing this hike)
               Tracy Ripkey 860-303-8138

Aug 30th          Mt. Chocorua                            Ruth & Dick Stuart 603-253-9964
Sep 6th            North Moat                                Tracy Ripkey 860-303-8138

**Friday, Sept 9th        Cardigan                         John Robbins; 603-279-9065
Friday, Sept 16th          Flat Mountain Pond                  Tracy Ripkey 860-303-8138
Friday, Sept 23rd          East Pond loop                          Shirley Stanek 203-644-7770
Friday, Sept 30th          Square Ledge                         TBD
Friday, Oct 7th              FAIR WEEKEND!!
Friday, Oct 14th          Sandwich Dome & Jennings Peak    Ginger Ishkanian 207-577-0966
Friday, Oct 21st           Osceola                                   Kathy Thorndike 603-707-7598

TUESDAY, Oct 25th     Group Picnic                            More to follow