Sunday, April 10, 2011

Over the Hill Hikers Spring 2011 Schedule

Our long and snowy weather is coming to an end and time for many to get out on the trails.

Following is the Spring hiking list as of 4/10/11

A few notes: The "A" group leaders request a phone call prior to the hike to discuss expected conditions , potential car spots, and gear list.

Meeting Places:
The Library is the Wentworth Library on Route 109 in Center Sandwich..Please park opposite the tennis courts

The Chapel is the Meeting House on Route 25 opposite Vittum Hill Road

The Burger King is the Ashland Burger King, off exit 24, in the back lot

April 19:
A Group Jackson, Frank Siraco, 253-4202..full winter gear with snowshoes needed

May 10
A and B Group Ho-Jos, Bill and Claire Smith, Library 9:00

May 17
A Group Waumbek, Bert Hansen, 476-5461
B Group Rattlesnake, Rumney. Sue Bowden, 9:00 Library
C Group Mt Katherine, Walter Johnson or Jocelyn, Library 9:00

May 24
A Group Tecumseh, Ellen Garneau, 279-8910

Please note that as of 5/22/11 the B and C hike to Mount Roberts has been cancelled
B and C group Mount Roberts, Nancy Leighley, Ginny McDonald, Walter Johnson,
Everyone meet at Library..8:30

May 31
A Group Cannon, Abbas Farazdel, 707-6377
B and C Group Fox State Park, Pat Russell, Cindy King 8:30 Library

June 7
A Group Carrigain, Claude Cormier, 284-7155
B Group Welch Dickey, Bill and Claire Smith, Library 8:30
C Group Old Mast Road, Cindy King, Library 9:00

June 14
A Group Garfield, Mary Cullen, 284-7184
B Group Leaders Choice, Bill Smith, Chapel 8:30
C Group Oak Hill, Walter Johnson, Library 9:00

June 21
A Group Franconia Ridge, Sandy Price, 279-4341
B and C Group The Fells, Pat Russell, 284-6328 , please call Pat to arrange numbers for house tour

June 28
A Group Wildcats, John Buckley, 253-4025
B Group Leaders Choice, Bill Smith, Library 8:30
C Group Belknap, Ruth MacDougall, Library 9:00

The next planning meeting is planned for June 23 at Pat and Nan Russells at 11:30, 284-6328

A few basic notes: The Over the Hill Hikers is a hiking group and if you start off on a hike you should plan on finishing the hike with the group. Conditions in the White Mountains can change drastically and aware of forecast and possible changes to it and plan gear accordingly. If you are one of leaders who has volunteered to lead a group please find an alternate if you are unable to attend. As hikes, please follow the lead of the leaders, wait at junctions to be sure everyone is with the group, and have fun

Annual dues of $5.00 for each hiker or walker can be paid to Mary Cullen, box 312, Center Sandwich Nh 03227...send cash...its the easiest...

Happy trails

any changes or updates can be sent to and I will update the blog as soon as possible