Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Turtles hike Kusumpe-Intervale Loop, May 29th

Today Matriarch Sue Speers led the Turtles on a lovely hike thru a trail overlooking Kusumpe Pond, Intervale Pond and Squam Lake.

L-R-Sitting: Sue Speers, Katherine Trout, Judy Ryerson, 

L-R Standing: Jane Harrington, Sally Bartlett, Christine Wright, Barbara Brash
Photographer:  Barb Hawkins

Hike to Waumbek May 29 (A group)

Here are the A-group hikers back on Starr King, after the walk over to Waumbek. Pictured are Doug, John, Ellen, Deb, and Derrick. Pic by Dick.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Waterville Valley Cascades (B Group)

A little story for this one... I found this hike in the AMC top 50 day hikes book.  It sounded nice, 3.4 to 4.8 depending on the route, a water crossing (which admittedly did say it could be a challenge in high water), and beautiful waterfalls.

The hike was fantastic.  No bugs, and for May, that's pretty awesome... The waterfalls exceeded my expectations, and so did the water crossing over by Boulder Path.  This was an unexpected RIVER CROSSING that was thigh high water!!  Good thing everyone laughed about it, after the shock of the cold water and the return of our boots and socks to our wet, cold and muddy feet.

It was a great hike, and I would do it again, but perhaps as an out and back to the Livermore Rd trail, which is where you can see the FULL water fall, upper and lower.

Tracy playing on the rope swing

The view of Waterville Valley ski slopes

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Ellen, Dee, Shirl and Elaine... photo by Tracy

putting boots back on after crossing the thigh high water

Mt Hale, 5/22 (A group)

Here is the group enjoying the fabulous view. Posing are Doug, John, Ellen, Lisa, Sharon. Photo by Dick.

Turtles first hike for 2018

The Turtles commence the 2018 Hiking Season at Crockett Ledges in Hamlin Recreation & Conservation area.

Sally Bartlett, Cheryl Ulm, Betsy ( new so I’m waiting to get her last name) Nancy McDonaugh, Barb Brash, Katherine Trout, Christine Wright and Jane Harrington behind the camera 😉

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Kearsarge North (A group)

Photo taken on May 17,2018, atop Kearsarge North. 

Hikers included: Doug, Sharon, Bert, and (not shown) were Ginette, and Dick.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Belknap Hike, by the A group

Here are a couple of photos from the recent Tuesday hike; the Piper, Belknap, Gunstock loop in the Belknaps. Below is  John Buckley, trip leader, sitting on a "chair" made of various boulders, atop Piper, reigning supreme. 

Also attached is one of just the chair itself. 

Hikers included Dick, John, Bert, Doug, Don, Ellen, Sharon, Marie, Susan, and Deb.

Photo by: Dick

First hike of 2018

The "A group" took to Mt. Roberts to kick off the hiking season.

Ten of us. Left to right: John R, Pete, Deb, Doug, Susan A, Ginger, Ellen, Sharon, Bert. Pic by Dick.