Tuesday, May 31, 2016

B group hikes Red Hill

Today, 6 hikers set out to enjoy the view from the Fire Tower (one of 16 in New Hampshire) atop of Red Hill.  This hike is a regular for many in the area;  In fact, we ran into three other familiar faces while on our way to the summit.  

The view is always a winner, and of course, Ed (a fellow hiker and friend), is great to visit if he's on watch keeping our area safe during these dry weather days.  Thank you Ed!

John, Tracy, Betty, Fay (with Caddy) and Katherine (with Winter)

Ahh!  The views never get old.  

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mt. Kearsarge North, Conway

Eleven hikers of the A group captured the beautiful weather today, and the reward of rescheduling their hike due to Tuesday's weather.

The hike was Mt. Kearsarge North, a challenging 2600' climb up 3.1 miles to the summit at 3268', where an enclosed glass spectator tower awaits you for a 360 degree panoramic view.  

And yes, there is STILL snow on Mt. Washington!  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rain AND hail...

Today the B group set out for the first organized hike of the season on Mt Roberts, located in the Ossippee's, and near the beautiful Castle in the Clouds.   Gerry, joined by four others started the morning with some homemade cookies, and proceeded out for the 5 mile trek.  The weather was variable... cold, wet, cloudy, muddy, and even hail!   Nice thing is everyone kept smiling, but were certainly happy to get into dry clothes and enjoy a hot tea at the end of the journey.
Mt. Roberts is one of the 52 with a view.  Not bad, even on a "pour" weather day.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hiking the Belknap's Straightback Mt. and Mt. Major

Today the A group had a fantastic hike in the Belknap's.  It was one of those days when the weather was perfect, the view was amazing, and the time with fellow hikers even better.

The summit of No. Peak Straightback

From left: Dick, Bert, Tracy, Peter, Deb, Noel, and Sharon,
while at the summit of Mt. Major.

The view of Lake Winnipesaukee is beautiful.  
Today we could even see a snow covered Mt. Washington from here.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 Over the Hill Hikers Turtle schedule

Dear Turtles and Friends: 

In order to join one of the below hikes, please TELEPHONE the leader listed. They will tell you the meeting time and location, any special equipment needed, and answer any questions, re: conditions expected, etc.

Happy Hiking!  Sue Speers, Turtle Matriarch.  

Please note: **Hiking schedule subject to change.  

May 17  -  Waukewan Highlands  -  Barbara Brash – 476-5146 (603-318-8731)

May 24  -   Oak Hill  -  Sue Speers  284-7770 - 387-6778 (cell)

May 31  -  Kimball Forest  - Jane Harrington – 253-6999 (617-823-6672 – cell)

June 7   -  NO HIKE  (Bearcamp Valley Garden Club Luncheon)
                   Intervale/Kusumpe Loop  -  Sue Speers 387-6778 (cell)

June 14 -  West & East Rattlesnakes  -  Barbara Brash – 476-5146

June 21  -  North Sugar Loaf  -  Sue Speers  284-7770 - 387-6778 (cell)

June 28  -  Bald Knob  -  Jane Harrington – 253-6999 (617-823-6672 – cell)

July 5    -   Mt. Pemigewassett – Sue Speers 284-7770 - 387-6778 (cell)

July 12  -  Mt. Belknap  -  Barbara Brash – 476-5146 (603-318-8731 cell)

July 19  -  Black Cap  -  Ann Speers  - 284-6519

July 26  -  Mt. Kearsarge South – Jane Harrington 253-6999 (917-823-6672)

August 2  -  Mt. Willard  -  Barbara Brash – 476-5146 (603-318-8731 cell)

August 9  -  NO HIKE – White Elephant Sale

August 16  -  Sawyer Pond – Ann Speers  284-6519

August 13  -  Mt. Katharine -  Cindy  King  603-707-6244

August 30  -  Blue Job – Ann Speers  - 284-6519

September 6 -  NO HIKE – Book/Author Lunch (Friends of Moultonboro Library)

September 13 – Mt. Fayal  - Barbara Hawkins  - 609-998-7743

September 20  -  Mt. Hedgehog – Sue Speers 387-6778

September 27  -  Greeley Ponds -  Barbara Hawkins 609-998-7743

October 4  -  Mt. Cardigan  -  Sue Reepmeyer – 248-941-2068 (cell)

October 11 – Mt. Doublehead – Chip Barnaby & Cynthia Birr  253-4593

October 18  -  Zealand Hut  - Jane Harrington 253-6999 (617-823-6672)

October 25  -  Joint Hike on Bearcamp Trail with A’s, B’s and Turtles.