What hiking level am I, and how do I get involved?

We have three levels of hiking groups that are associated with the Over The Hill Hikers... A's, B's, and Turtles, as well as a Friday walking group.

The A group focuses on 4,000 foot mountains, and often does more challenging, longer distance hikes, in book time or less.  Many of the A group hikers have completed their 48 4k footers at least once, and some several times, including doing or working towards challenges such as the GRID, or even Red Lining.

The B Group focuses on the 52 with a view mountains, is a bit slower than the A group, often doing between 3 and 8 mile hikes, in book time or slightly slower.  They may throw in an occasional 4k footer towards the middle to end of hiking season, once the legs have gotten in good hiking shape.

The Turtles, enjoy distances around 3 miles and up to 5 or so.  Typically taking their time to enjoy the scenery, the conversations and does not mind stopping to pick mushrooms, blueberries, or the like, and almost always will stop for ice cream afterward.

All groups are a wonderful bunch of people ranging in age.  All groups stop to have a brief lunch at the summit, take photos, etc.  So please pack your lunch, and plenty of water to get you through the day.  We recommend carrying the EMERGENCY CONTACT SHEET with you in your pack, just in case.  

If you are interested in joining our group on a upcoming hike, please email me at OTHHweb@gmail.com, and tell me about yourself.  

What type of hiker are you, and what hiking experience do you have at this point?  Have you done any local hikes, and if so, which ones?


Tracy Ripkey
Over the Hill Hiker 
Center Sandwich, NH

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