Saturday, September 16, 2017

B group's hike cancelled... but let's do...

Thursday, Sep 14th was an unexpected rainy morning.  So the leader made a good decision to avoid the drive up to Crawford Notch, and instead we met for coffee at the local cafe.  Over coffee, the clouds look to break and a few of us couldn't resist the opportunity to get some dirt under our boots.

Tracy, Shirley, and Elaine enjoying the view (and clear weather) from Mt. Katherine

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tuesday Turtles conquer Turtleback- September 12

What started out as a hike on Hedgehog off the Kanc, turned into an atypical 8 mile trek for our Thursday Turtles! Plans were changed and they ended up over at Castle in the Clouds to do Bald Knob. A little bird told me, the group got a taste of the fall weather and ended up doing an 8 mile hike that included the switchbacks to, and summit of Turtleback- appropriately titled for the group. And yes they did include Bald Knob and it's views in their overall hike!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A group hikes Morgan / Percival Loop, 9/5/2017

What looked to be a wet afternoon forecast, called for a change of plans to a more local, and shorter hike.  A good call!

Dick, Ginger, John and Bert enjoying the dry weather while it was there.  

Turtles hike Mt. Fayal, 9/5/2017

Friday, September 1, 2017

Turtles hike Sugarloaf North, Aug 29th 2017

Ahh... yes, this is a lovely day indeed!  

Catherine, Jane, Barbara, and Judy

B Group Hikes Middle Sister - August 31st

The B group closed August with a hike up Middle Sister off the Kanc and up Champney Falls Trail. Led by Deb Guyer, they took the Falls loop on the way up to the summit. It is reported that the falls were barely trickling!
The summit was windy and cool and time was spent along the way taking layers on and off - which is typical for this time of year!

Hiking up the Falls loop
Ginger, Peter, Deb, Melanie and Cheryl
View from the summit

Ginger, Cheryl, Shirl, Deb, Melanie and Peter