Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunset from Mittersill Peak, 12/21/09

Winter hike to Cannon, 12/21/09

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter on South Carter 12/09

Hello and Happy Holidays to all!!

Over The Hill Hikers winter cross country ski list to follow

Please note that Tuesday groups meet at 9:00 AM and Friday groups at 10:00 AM

Please give the tuesday leaders a call if interested about destination

Friday Leaders request a RSVP please so proper lunch can be prepared

All groups meet at the Wentworth Library in Sandwich

January 5th...leader needed..call Pat Russell at 284-6328
January 8th......Helen Gingras..284-9230

January 12..Sue Bowden..284-7412
January 15..Walter Johnson..284-7118

January 19..Bert Hansen... 476-5461
January 22..Sue and kent Mitchel..284-7768

January 26..Robin Dustin..284-7740
January 29..Sue Speers..284-7770

Feb 2..Groundhog day Celebration..Judy Ryerson..253-7333
Feb 5..Bev and Ted Stanier..284-6638

Feb 9..Claude Cormier..284-7155
Feb 12.. Lib and Frank Bates..284-6679..ski leader Sue Bowden

Feb 16..John Oliver..476-2302
Feb 19..Nan and Pat Russell..284-6328

Feb 23..Carl and Milan McNall..284-7400
Feb 26..Mary and Tom Fleischmann..284-6447

March 2..Noel Bodwell..707-0982
March 5..Mary and Tom Cullen..284-7184

March 9..Fred Bowden..284-7412
March 12..Ann and Jim Twaddle..284-7349

March 16.. Pat Russell..284-6328
March 19..Anne and george Hackl..569-3930

March 23..leader needed...call Pat Russell..284-6328
March 26..leader needed..call Pat russell..284-6328

There were great snow conditions for skiing last year and here's hoping for more of the same in 2010..can you believe it!!

There is a also a tuesday group including some OTHH members doing winter hiking to NH 4000 footers...Some 52 WAV hikes will also be included. These are leaders choice hikes as weather conditions can change drastically and quickly.. Typically I would post a tuesday hike on sunday evening with hike suggestions, expected conditions, and suggested and required gear. This should be considered a safe though advanced group ..not for beginners. If you would like to be added to the email list drop me a note at marktaub@metrocast.net and I will get in touch.

and the usual stuff:
Leader's responsibilities: Organize and brief the group on expected route and conditions..make the decision "to go" or "no go" as conditions warrant.. Wait at all trail junctions to see that the group is still together. Please find an alternate leader if unable to fulfill your commitment...Have fun!!..Proper first aid kit, available at Mocha Rizing, should be carried

Group responsibilities: Follow the leader and their instructions as needed. Stay with the group..while there are faster and slower skiers and hikers these events are designed to be group activities so for everyone's winter safety please stay with the group..

Dues: we continue to toe the line on expenses..For mailings and other misc costs we ask a $5.00 per YEAR per participant fee. Please send cash or check made out to Mary Cullen, Box 312, Center Sandwich NH 03227

EMail:..Hopefully people enjoy the blogspot..I am always looking for pics or trip reports. In an effort to minimize mailings updates will be sent out via email and website updates. Lists of the 4000 footers, 52WAV, and lists of members who have completed their various rounds are available.. Contact Mark at marktaub@metrocast.net with updates

please note that there will be a planning meeting for spring and summer hikes
April 1...no foolin!!! at the Benz Center, Center Sandwich NH.. 11:30 am..bring lunch

as a side note..for those of you who like to hike with canine friends..there is interest in having some dog friendly hikes next summer and fall..if any are interested in participating or leading some of these hikes please let me know

thank you and have a great winter season

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

nice ledge below the clouds

Frank, Claude, Ginnette, Mary, Karen, Mark, and John along the Cater Moriah Trail..a taste of fall in the air

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Claude, Ellen & John

Claude, Ellen & John
Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Karen, Mary, Ginette,Jim,Claude, Karen on South Kinsman

Seven of us, Mark, Mary, Karen M, Karen M, Claude, Jim, and Ginette hiked the Mt Kinsman Trail to North and South Kinsman..We were greeted with some clouds and sun on the summits and a few showers on the descent..Side trips to bald Knob and the Kinsman Gorge were excellent. Congrats to first timers karen McNiff and Jim Guppy

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spots of color showing up on a bluebird day

Clear skies, cool temperatures, and the beginnings of fall color on the Polecat Trail on Wildcat

Sunday, August 23, 2009

B Group Report 8/18/09

Jim Twaddle writes:

A hearty horde of 7 hot and humid hikers tramped up Blueberry in Evans Notch. This group included Muffy Smith, babs Muldrum, Betsy Loughran, Peter Johnson, Henry Metzger, Jim Guppy, and leader Jim Twaddle. Alas, alas, there were no blueberries and the viewing was very limited! We were out at 2:20pm in plenty of time to enjoy ice cream in Conway: so all was not lost!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OTHH..South Twin

OTHH..South Twin
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jefferson from Monticello Lawn

Coming around the Great Gulf

Random view on Gulfside Trail

The Northern Peaks come out of the clouds

Grumpy Gram..(this would be a good avatar) with the northern peaks

Othh drop off on Gulfside Trail

I think I will call this.."a view"

Liz enjoying the day..Loanshark was looking for retainer fee so he is out of the picture until that issue resolved

Munroe and the hut

Munroe and the hut
Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman

Pretty clear toward Washington

Mark on Munroe

Mark on Munroe
Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman

looking down the Crawford path

swimmers at the lakes of the Clouds

Gem Pool ..a cool and refreshing spot

Over the Hill Hikers resting in the shade

Rocky slope on Jefferson

Looking towards the castles