Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring 2009 Hiking Schedule

WE have turned the corner into May and the spring/summer hiking season is officially upon us.. Reports from the Whites still indicate sugnificant snow in some of the more wooded areas but the monorails formed over the winter are gradually melting..Still, some light traction device in your pack for May might be a good idea for those headed to the heights.. (above 3200 feet)... Locally, in the Sandwich area the trails are dry and clear in the Ossipees and Squam Range..a great time of the year for wildflowers..the Col Trail and Butterworth Trails on Rattlesnake have been particularly nice.

The planning meeting for the Friday Walkers will be held May 7 at 11:30 at the Benz Center...bring your lunch...for info call Walter Johnson 284-7118

May 5 ..
Group Event: Tuckerman’s Ravine, Bill and Claire Smith 284-7747, Meeting place Chapel at 8:00 am ..this hike was cancelled due to weather conditions

May 12
A Group: Waumbek, SharonSt Onge 284-5284, Library 7:30/Ashland Burger King 8:00
B Group: Rattlesnake, Jim Twaddle 284-7349, Library 9:30
C Group: Rattlesnake, Walter Johnson, 284-7118

May 19
Group hike to Tecumseh. Slow to moderate pace as needed. Mary Cullen, 284-7184. Library 8:00 / Ashland Burger King 8:30

May 26
A Group: Hale, Claude Cormier 284-7155, Library 8:00/Ashland 8:30
B Group: Cotton/Livermore, Jim Twaddle, 284-7349.. Library 8:30
C Group: Mt. Katherine, Walter Johnson, 284-7118.. Library 9:30

June 2
A Group: Garfield, Anne Knight 969-8743 or 868-5801, Library 7:30/Ashland 8:00
B Group: Welch/Dickey, Carl McNall 284-7400, Library 8:30
C Group: Leader's Choice, Leader needed

June 9
A Group: Carrigain, Claude Cormier 284-7155, Chapel 7:30
B Group: Potash, Van Adriance 284-7043, Chapel 8:00
C Group: Belknap, Ruth McDougal, 284-6451..Library 9:00

June 16
A Group: Hancocks, Sharon St Onge 228-5284, 7:30 Library/8:00 Ashland
B Group: Turtleback/Bald Knob, Pat Russell 284-6328, 8:00 Library
C Group: Eagle Cliff, Jocelyn Gutchess,284-6866.. 9:00 Library

June 18
Planning Meeting for summer...fall Tuesday hikes to be held at Nan and Pat Russells….Thursday June 18th….at 11:30..bring your lunch

June 23
A Group: Cabot, Mark Tuckerman 387-0957 or,
Library 6:30/Ashland 7:00..Please note new start time for this hike..For those interested in the NE100 highest I will be extending hike to include The Horn and The Bulge coming in from the berlin Fish Hatchery..this adds a couple of miles and some elevation gain..probable 2 groups for this hike, faster pace and moderate
B Group: Kearsarge North, Bill and Claire Smith, 284-7747..8:00 Chapel
C Group: Oak Hill, Nan Russell,..284-6328.. 9:00 Library

June 30
A Group: Osceolas, Bert Hansen 476-5461, 7:30 Library/8:00 Ashland
B Group: Paugus Pass, Jim Twaddle,284-7349.. 9:00 Ferncroft
C Group: Heron Pond, Jocelyn Gutchess,..284-6866..Library 9:00

Leaders of “A” Group hikes to 4000 footers ask that you kindly call or email a day or 2 before the hike to discuss expected conditions and necessary gear for that hike..For example…snowshoes may be greatly needed on Waumbek..Sawyer River Road to Carrigain may not be open changing a strenuous 10 mile hike into a very difficult 14.5 miler..thank you

Leader’s Duties:
Make decision “to go” or “not go”, or “turn around” if the activity is underway.. Keep the group together and monitor condition of the group. Pick up the “First Aid Kit” at Mocha Rising or Aubuchon Hardware. Locate an alternate leader if unable to keep commitment. Be aware of expected weather and trail conditions as to advise participants on proper gear. Wait at all trail junctions to insure everyone is on the same path. Designate a “sweep” or co-leader.
Hiker responsibilities: Follow the leader’s direction.. Stay with the group.. A whistle is a simple piece of survival gear should someone get separated from the group..Weather changes rapidly in the White is imperative that everyone have adequate weather protection, food, and water should conditions change. We are a hiking group and therefore we should hike as a group..there is safety in numbers.. A good rule of safety is that if one member of the group has a problem then the whole group turns back..the mountains will always be there. It is encouraged that all participants take the initiative to drive for the group and it is expected that everyone take a turn at leading a hike..Try’s fun!

Like every year we have to collect money to pay for supplies, first aid kits, party gifts, awards, etc. So we are once again asking for the incredible sum of $5.00 per hiker or walker per year. Please make out check made out to Over The Hill Hikers and send to Mary Cullen, Box 312, Center Sandwich NH 03227.
This year we made a donation from the treasury to Roger Sorlien to help with the trail maintenance on his excellent group of xcountry trails..He was very pleased.

In an effort to minimize expensive mailings I will send out schedule updates via email and modifications to the web is a work in progress but does have schedules, notes, and some pictures etc.. I would encourage all trip leaders to email a report and photos if you like and I will post them on the site..I think it would be great to know who’s out there hiking and what kind of a day it was.. Lists of the 4000 footer rounds, 52 with a view, and lists of who has completed their rounds are available..Keep Pat or myself up to date on those..thanks

Meeting Places: the Wentworth Libabry in Sandwich next to the tennis courts and Fairgrounds the Meetinghouse on Route 25 East opposite Vittum Hill Road
Ashland Burger King..of exit 24 in Ashland, back parking lot
Ferncroft..Hikers parking lot in Wonalancet for WODC trails

and changes or updates, trip reports and photos please send to
thanks....Mark 387-0957

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Liberty cone...clouded in cold

Liberty, January 2009

Cath and Larissa..the flying femmes

getting up there now

getting up there now
Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman

brownies..home made..on Adams

claude and mary...Resolution

Mount Washington, 2007 OTHH

Hedgehog with lots of snow

the ladies on Jefferson

Crawford Path heading down from Eisenhower

sunset over Garfield from galehead Hut

claude on cannon

claude on cannon
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blue job

blue job
Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman

the matriarch of OTHH, Lib says a few words

a man and his pony

a man and his pony
Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman

Moonscape on Eisenhower


Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman
A bit breezey on Bondcliff...Sept 2008

View from Moriah

View from Moriah
Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman

faded signboard

faded signboard
Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman
Over the Hill Hikers on Katahdin, August 2008..Mary, Mark, Claude, Ellen

colors on mansfield

colors on mansfield
Originally uploaded by Mark Tuckerman
Mansfield, Vermont..October 2008..Sandy, Mark Claude , Ellen