Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ski & Snowshoe Schedule for 2018

What a wonderful group we have!  Happy Trails!!! and remember that all skill levels are welcome....

The following are courtesy guidelines for participation.... 

1.  The leader/host will send their proposed schedule/event for their week to Tracy Ripkey at, for posting to the website and email distribution.    

2. You are responsible to call the leader/host in advance (no later than Thursday) if you intend to participate.

3. Hosts are gracious and provide soup and beverage...please bring your own lunch staples with you.

4. The inclusion of dogs will be each leader/host's independent decision.

5. Some trails are maintained by private homeowners (re: Roger Sorlien).... a $ contribution to their good will is always welcome.

6. If weather/snow conditions are questionable, the leader may cancel or may choose to have an alternative activity.

Schedule for 2018

 January 5 -----------Jane Harrington and Barbara Brash  253-6999
January 12----------Milan and Carl McNall    284-7400
January 19----------Ruth and Dick Stuart   253-9964 (co-host Shirley Stanek)
January 26----------Peggy and Mark Longley   284-6294
February 2----------Ann and George Hackl    569-3930  (co-host Mary Kahn) 
February 9----------Ricky and John Banderob  284-6601
February 16--------Nancy Starmer   284-7346
February 23--------Jean and Dick Knox   284-6145
March 2-------------Tracy and Steve Ripkey   284-6213
March 9-------------Elaine Vazzana    253-6319  (co-host Shirley Stanek)

March 16----------- Susan and Kent Mitchel  284-7768 (co-host Susan Allen)

March 23-----------Laurie and Jim Norman   646-594-9925

March 30-----------Susan Allen   707-0085

The following people have volunteered to co-host if anyone wishes additional help:  Shirley Stanek, Susan Mitchel, Ruth Stuart, and Sue Allen.... and don't hesitate to call me if you are in a bind. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

A group hikes Mt. Chocorua 10/12/17

Hikers: Dick, Deb, Helen, and Doug who caught up to us.

B group hikes Mt. Roberts, 10/19/17

 John, Cheryl, and Susan enjoy a hike on an epic fall day.

B group hikes Morgan Percival Loop, 10/12/17

Six B hikers had spectacular fall weather to hike the Percival and Morgan loop on October 12. The group included Dick Russell, Dick and Jean Knox, Nancy Starmer,  Griff O’Brien, and Deb Sugarman. Deb, a strong hiker who lives in the Durham area, found the OTHH online. We ascended by the Percival trail, wiggling through the caves near the summit. After a leisurely lunch on Morgan, most of the group descended by way of the ladders. Color was at its peak, with great views of Squam Lake.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Turtles hike Flume and the Basin 10/17/17

Catherine, Barbara, Jane, Sally, Brenda

A group hikes Wildcat "D" 10/3/2017

Peter, Dick, and John... Great smiles guys!  Looks like it was a wonderful hike.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

2017 Sandwich Fair Parade

As tradition, the Over the Hill Hikers marched in the Sandwich Fair, taking home a First Place ribbon for our category.

It's such a wonderful time, and this year we had the pleasure of following the marching band, a joy to listen to!

Oh, and we even stayed dry, as the rain left town just in time!

Monday, October 2, 2017

B group hikes Mt. Avalon, 9/21/17

A 52 With a view for good reason.  It was a smaller summit area, but fantastic view of Crawford Notch.

Turtles hike Mt. Potash 9/19/17

Left to right:
Jane, Sally, Katherine, Judy, and Barbara

Saturday, September 16, 2017

B group's hike cancelled... but let's do...

Thursday, Sep 14th was an unexpected rainy morning.  So the leader made a good decision to avoid the drive up to Crawford Notch, and instead we met for coffee at the local cafe.  Over coffee, the clouds look to break and a few of us couldn't resist the opportunity to get some dirt under our boots.

Tracy, Shirley, and Elaine enjoying the view (and clear weather) from Mt. Katherine

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tuesday Turtles conquer Turtleback- September 12

What started out as a hike on Hedgehog off the Kanc, turned into an atypical 8 mile trek for our Thursday Turtles! Plans were changed and they ended up over at Castle in the Clouds to do Bald Knob. A little bird told me, the group got a taste of the fall weather and ended up doing an 8 mile hike that included the switchbacks to, and summit of Turtleback- appropriately titled for the group. And yes they did include Bald Knob and it's views in their overall hike!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A group hikes Morgan / Percival Loop, 9/5/2017

What looked to be a wet afternoon forecast, called for a change of plans to a more local, and shorter hike.  A good call!

Dick, Ginger, John and Bert enjoying the dry weather while it was there.  

Turtles hike Mt. Fayal, 9/5/2017

Friday, September 1, 2017

Turtles hike Sugarloaf North, Aug 29th 2017

Ahh... yes, this is a lovely day indeed!  

Catherine, Jane, Barbara, and Judy

B Group Hikes Middle Sister - August 31st

The B group closed August with a hike up Middle Sister off the Kanc and up Champney Falls Trail. Led by Deb Guyer, they took the Falls loop on the way up to the summit. It is reported that the falls were barely trickling!
The summit was windy and cool and time was spent along the way taking layers on and off - which is typical for this time of year!

Hiking up the Falls loop
Ginger, Peter, Deb, Melanie and Cheryl
View from the summit

Ginger, Cheryl, Shirl, Deb, Melanie and Peter

Friday, August 25, 2017

B group hikes Kearsarge North, 8/24/2017

Griff, Tracy, Ginger, Nancy, Micheal, and Deb at the summit of Kearsarge North.

a room with a view

Friday, August 18, 2017

B Group hikes Kearsarge South, Aug 17th

Group B hikes Kearsage South.
         After posing for a "before" picture, we headed up the trail to the summit.

With Ruth in the lead, we quickly renamed the trail "Ruth's Root and Rock Route"! The brisk morning had us bundled up in the car but most of us took off our outer layer in the parking lot. We would need them again at the top as there was wind and a definite drop in temperature. Being hearty NE hikers, most of us had left our fleeces back in the car!

We were able to find a picnic table that was sheltered from the wind to have lunch.

We headed back down and on to The Fudge Factory in Bristol for the After Hike Ice Cream!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Turtles hike Mt. Belknap, 8/15/2017

Oh there were Blueberries, and more blueberries, and even MORE BLUEBERRIES!  

Turtles enjoyed a wonderful hike up the White Trail to the firetower atop Belknap Mountain.  A great hike with beautiful vistas along the way.  And did I mention BLUEBERRIES? 

Selfie of the days hikers.  Photo taken by none other than Dick.  :)  Cheese!

A traditional ice cream stop after completing the hike.

Ruth & Dick Stuart

A group hikes Canon, 8/9/2017

A group heads up Canon Mountain.  It looks pretty intimidating as you drive up to it, but it truly is a wonderful hike.

Yes, this is the trail.  A bit of a ladder.  Don't look down!

We were over there the week prior.  Liberty mountain on the far right.  

John, Deb, Tracy, Pete, and Bert enjoying the day.

You mean we could have taken the Gondola up to the top?  ha ha!  

Lonesome Lake

An AMC hut worker carrying up the dinner for the night's guests.  We heard it's pulled pork.  Yum!