Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rattlesnakes, B and C groups 5/12

I just got a report from Jim Twaddle about Tuesday's "B" and "C" hikes.

The B group, with Jim, Claire and Bill Smith, Sue and Fred Bowden, Nellica and Dick Allen, Ginny Kupper and Dave Eastman ascended via the Butterworth trail which I know they enjoyed as Claude, Rocket, and I have spent several hours in the past few weeks clearing out blowdowns and the waterbars.. They traversed over to West Peak to meet up with the C group with Jocelyn and her niece, Jim Burns, and Walter Johnson for lunch.. abit of a coolish day kept some of the flies away though I can report that i did Cotton and part of Livermore that evening and the blackflies were quite pesty over there... a Nice kickoff to the spring season on a great back yard peak..

Happy Trails

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