Saturday, April 4, 2015

What are OTHH Groups A, B, C, W?

OTHH basically has 3 groups of hikers with some subsets as well.

“A” hikers concentrate of climbing 4000 footers, helping those who wish to make their 48 x4000 and claim a badge from the AMC.

“B” hikers do the 52-with-a-view as their base list.  52 with a view are mountains that are under 4000 feet, have a trail and have a view.  Completing this list can earn you a patch from the OTHH group. This group goes at a slightly slower pace though many of the 52 can be a real challenge so don’t look down on them.The list of the 52 with a view can be accessed through the website “”. It lists them all with heights and the AMC guide will tell you about the trails.

“C” hikers hike mostly in the local area with lower elevation, less steep trails, such as Mt. Katherine, near Wonalancet chapel, Rattlesnake, Great Rock and Mt. Mexico and Mt. Major and other trails in the Belknap range. Not to forget the many trails of the Castle in the Clouds.

Then there is group W, a Friday group of walkers, who, when Lib Bates was alive, had 2 subsets, the Turtles and the snails!!

All of these lower groups also include some of the Northern Mts. Like Willard and Elephant Ear, challenging but with views from up there!

 This group picks local areas of interest that can be accomplished in 3-4 hours of activity without a huge amount of effort but enough to feel you had a good day out.
So there is something for everyone.

The “B” group won’t be organizing this summer’s hike until the end of June when Henry Metzger returns to Center Harbor.  Sue Speers will run the “C” group again and may be contacted at 284-7770 after the middle of May to see when she wants to set out an official list.  The “A” group is planning on April 16th.  Once each group has its list ready it will be posted on the website “”.

If you are not sure which group you might belong in then you can call a leader and ask about the planned hike.  The leader will ask questions like “how much do you walk every day, or what hikes have you done in the last month, or year or have you done any hiking before? Once you have been out with a group the leader might suggest you belong elsewhere.  That will be a decision you must make, you can always drop back again if you have moved up, or down if the first hike was more then you expected.

We welcome keen enthusiastic and, preferably younger hikers to join our group of very congenial, if older, adults who hike with passion and enthusiasm.  Contact Mary Cullen at 284-7184 for more discussion if you so choose.

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