Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weather, the hard part of being the hiking leader

I've been obsessing about the weather the past couple of days.  Checking three different sources, what seemed hourly, and even consulting a friend and fellow hiker who works the Red Hill fire tower.  This is the part of being the trail leader that we all hate... Deciding  whether or not to go, cancel, and/or reschedule.

I finally made the decision after seeing that there was a significant risk of lightning, and one forecast even said hail!  The hike we had scheduled is the White Ledge loop, and has plenty of open ledges.  That was it, I'll cancel.  I called everyone, I had 8 people signed up.  We were all disappointed, especially when you're calling on what is a beautiful day.

Then you worry, did I make the right decision, would it had been okay?  Augh!

The reassurance came this morning when it's pouring out.  Now, if we can have a little thunder and lightning, I'll feel really good!

Enjoy the wet day... And hopefully next week we won't have this delimia.

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