Monday, October 10, 2016

A tradition of marching in the Sandwich Fair continues

Rain did not stop the Over the Hill Hikers in the Sandwich Fair Parade.  Proudly marching with our Blue Ribbon attached to our sign (carried by Bert Hansen and Bill Glenday)  were: Anne Knight, Joan Vicinus,  Susan Allen,  Granthia Preston, Buzz, Ruth Stuart, Dick Stuart, Kathy Thorndike, Tracy Ripkey, Shirley Stanek, Barbara Brash, Jane Harrington, Barbara Hawkins, Sue Merrifield, Ann Speers (in wheelchair pushed by Sam Glenday), and Sue Speers.  I hope I did not miss mentioning anyone, but in any case we had a wonderful time!  A tradition continues on.

Thanks to all marchers, dampened and triumphant!

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