Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ski & Snowshoe Schedule for 2018

What a wonderful group we have!  Happy Trails!!! and remember that all skill levels are welcome....

The following are courtesy guidelines for participation.... 

1.  The leader/host will send their proposed schedule/event for their week to Tracy Ripkey at, for posting to the website and email distribution.    

2. You are responsible to call the leader/host in advance (no later than Thursday) if you intend to participate.

3. Hosts are gracious and provide soup and beverage...please bring your own lunch staples with you.

4. The inclusion of dogs will be each leader/host's independent decision.

5. Some trails are maintained by private homeowners (re: Roger Sorlien).... a $ contribution to their good will is always welcome.

6. If weather/snow conditions are questionable, the leader may cancel or may choose to have an alternative activity.

Schedule for 2018

 January 5 -----------Jane Harrington and Barbara Brash  253-6999
January 12----------Milan and Carl McNall    284-7400
January 19----------Ruth and Dick Stuart   253-9964 (co-host Shirley Stanek)
January 26----------Peggy and Mark Longley   284-6294
February 2----------Ann and George Hackl    569-3930  (co-host Mary Kahn) 
February 9----------Ricky and John Banderob  284-6601
February 16--------Nancy Starmer   284-7346
February 23--------Jean and Dick Knox   284-6145
March 2-------------Tracy and Steve Ripkey   284-6213
March 9-------------Elaine Vazzana    253-6319  (co-host Shirley Stanek)

March 16----------- Susan and Kent Mitchel  284-7768 (co-host Susan Allen)

March 23-----------Laurie and Jim Norman   646-594-9925

March 30-----------Susan Allen   707-0085

The following people have volunteered to co-host if anyone wishes additional help:  Shirley Stanek, Susan Mitchel, Ruth Stuart, and Sue Allen.... and don't hesitate to call me if you are in a bind. 

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