Tuesday, April 25, 2017

B Group, 2017 Hiking Schedule

Over the Hill Hikers
B Group season hikes for 2017

A couple of housekeeping issues…

B group has decided to move its designated hike day to Thursday throughout the full season.  This will allow B group hikers to have flexibility to join either the Turtles or A group hikers on their designated hikes during the season. 

Dogs… **Not all hikes will be dog friendly. 
It will be designated by the week’s hike leader if well-behaved dogs are welcome on that particular hike.  If you do bring Fido, ALWAYS carry a leash, and please be prepared to leash your dog during lunch at the summit, or in any situation necessary.  Thank you.

Please be prepared to hike your own hike…. i.e., have your own provisions such as first aid, food, water, extra clothing for unplanned weather, etc.  Have your EMERGENCY CONTACT SHEET completed and in your backpack; it may save your life, and/ or help us reach someone who greatly cares.

Please RSVP for a hike you plan to join by either calling or emailing the leader.  That week’s organizer / leader will determine hike carpool locations, trailhead meet times, etc. with the plan of reaching summit / destination for a lunchtime break. 

Parking fees… our finely aged hikers can obtain a LIFETIME National Park Pass for $10.00, which is also good at a number of other parks and trailheads.  More info on how to obtain your pass can be found at: https://www.nps.gov/shen/planyourvisit/senior-and-access-passes.htm

Please notice there are two trail maintenance days planned, June 9th, and July 18th.  All hikers are welcome and encouraged to assist in pruning, dealing with trees that are impeding the trail, and reblazing.  More info to follow. 

And lastly… there may be hikes when the group is either slower or faster than your current ability.   Please know that because this is a group hike, it’s hard to accommodate everyone’s pace perfectly.  Our desire is not to leave anyone, however there have been times when it is in the best interest of all to split up.  Please do your part by knowing your own abilities, communicating with the hike organizer ahead of time if you would like to start early, or end later than the group. 

Now for the fun stuff, the hiking schedule!

Over the Hill Hikers
B Group season hikes for 2017

May 25th             Mt. Livermore (Squam Range)        Kathy Thorndike       603 707 7598
Jun 1st             Mt. Willard     (52 WAV US302)      Tracy Ripkey              860 303 8138
Jun 8th                        Big Rock Cave                        Ruth & Dick Stuart    603 253 9964
**Jun 9th—trail work day for Bearcamp River Trail (all hikers welcome) & BBQ / potluck     
                    Tracy Ripkey  860 303 8138
Jun 15th          Sugarloaf (52 WAV), Twin Mtn, Arethusa Falls (Crawford Notch) 
                     Sue Allen    603 707 0085
Jun 22nd          Doublehead (Squam Range)           Shirley Stanek & Jean Knox 203 644 7770
Jun 29th          Mt. Cardigan  (52 WAV near Canaan)        Tracy Ripkey & Deb Guyer   860 303 8138
Jul 6th              Mt. Moosilauke          (AT hike & 4k)           Tracy Ripkey              860 303 8138
Jul 13th           Mt. Mac & Klem (Belknap)   Sue Allen                    603 707 0085
**July 18th -- trail workday for Bearcamp River Trail       Tracy Ripkey  860 303 8138
Jul 20th           Mt. Shaw (52 WAV Ossipee)            Shirley & Jean                        203 644 7770
Jul 27th           Mt. Pierce (4k)                      Sue Allen                    603 707 0085
Aug 3rd            Gunstock, Piper and Whiteface  (Belknap) Sue Allen       603 707 0085
Aug 10th         Flat Mt. Pond (Sandwich Range)    Tracy Ripkey              860 303 8138
Aug 17th         Mt. Kearsarge (52WAV) southern NH        Ruth & Dick Stuart    603 253 9964
Aug 24th         Kearsarge North (52WAV)  Tracy Ripkey              860 303 8138
Aug 31st          Middle Sister (52WAV)        Deb Guyer                 
Sep 7th            Avalon            (52WAV Crawford Notch)              Jean Knox                  603 284 6145
Sep 14th          Mt. Tremont   (52 WAV Crawford Notch)  need leader
Sep 21st          Whiteface (4k)          Tracy Ripkey              860 303 8138
Sep 28th          Baldface Loop (52 WAV)      Tracy Ripkey & Melanie Lovering  
Oct 5th             NO HIKE, FAIR WEEKEND
Oct 12th          Mt. Crawford, Stairs Mtn & Resolution (all 3, 52 WAV)    Tracy Ripkey  860 303 8138
Oct 19th          Mt. Roberts (52 WAV Ossipee)        John Roberts
Oct 24th          Hiking Picnic for all!  Meade Base Camp, potluck style at 11:30

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