Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blueberry Mountain / Evans Notch

Today, several B group hikers set out to hike Blueberry Mountain / Evans Notch hike.  http://mainetoday.com/maine-travel/maine-mini-adventure/blueberry-mountain-baked-treats-a-dip-in-rattlesnake-pool-evans-notch/  Our total distance was a little over 4.5 miles, with a spectacular view point from the White Carin Trail on the way to the summit.
view from White Carin Trail
The summit was not a major view point, but we did skip the overlook loop off Blueberry Ridge Trail due to the storm looking a little intimidating.  Once we had a quick snack at the top, we took the Stone House Trail down, making two scenic (and well worth it!) stops at Rattlesnake Pool, and the Gorge; both were impressive.  As the link I provided above suggested, we did make a stop at the Jockey Cap Country store, and I can totally recommend the coconut cream pie without hesitation!  I would say this is an excellent hike, with variety.  There was a good steep / rock scramble, an amazing display of trail work with a series of rock steps, shaded woods, and the pool is worth it alone on a hot summers day.  Two thumbs up!  I see why it is listed as one of AMC's Best Day hikes in the White Mountains.
Rattlesnake Pool

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