Saturday, September 17, 2016

B group hikes Flat Mountain Pond

What a gem!  A local hike, in Sandwich, with little elevation gain (approximately 1300'), varied terrain, a spectacular pond with camping, beautiful sites for a tent, a composting toilet, fire rings, AND amazing views!  What more could you ask for?  Especially on the day Shirl and I had the other Friday, it was a perfect September day.  Which by the way, I would not want to do this hike in the Spring.  We had 20 (or so) river / creek crossings, that in higher water could be impassable.  This year however, not a problem due to the drought.  I give this hike a 10, actually 10.8 miles and that is with a spotted car.  But with all seriousness, two thumbs up!

are these edible?  wish I knew.  :)

old railroad ties

composting toilet!  

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