Wednesday, September 14, 2016

B group, hikes Mt. Cardigan

Sept 9th, a two person B group hiked Mt. Cardigan - Firescrew.

Heading up wasn't easy on the ledges, at least so we thought... until the high winds and the trip down put things into perspective.  Lots of sliding down on your butt to the next ledge.  The firepower at the summit was very nice, saw lots of carvings in the granite from 1873, 1907, 1915...

The trip up Holt trail was book time, down Mowgli and Manning trail was a little longer but we were told easier than the Hope trail.

A nice 6 mile hike.  Thank you Shirl for the recap and the photos, and thank you John for being the lead on that one.

John and Shirl, two hikers from B Group

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